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Love’s Alchemy Spiritual Center (LASC) serves as a vessel of transformation for those who are consciously walking the path of spiritual growth and enlightenment. The goal of the center is to provide resouces that will you open the door to greater possibilities.
Love's Alchemy Spiritual Center
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LOVE'S  ALCHEMY - An awakening to the Divine love that sustains all life.
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Memorial Service Guide

How do you say goodbye to a loved one in a way that honors their personality or the life they lived?

Not  long ago, I  was faced with that challenge. After my Dad died, I spent hours and hours searching for something that felt right. It was more important for me to celebrate a legacy rather than mourn a loss.  I also needed something that was easy and affordable. I located a few resources. Unfortunately, none of it felt like my Dad. So, we took matters into our own hands and created an experience that allowed guests to understand who Dad really was. Learn more…

The Business of Alchemy

“Inherent in having the desire are the seeds and mechanics for its fulfillment” Deepak Chopra.

Congratulations on listening to the voice within! You know you’ve been called to step up and step out into the world to make a difference in a big way. But where do you go from there? Have you been struggling to transition into your life’s work? Are you spending lots of time and money on things that don’t seem to be very effective? Are you jumping from project to project or technique to technique praying that you’ll see some results this time? Being in the Business of Alchemy –a business created to facilitate transformation in the lives of others –begins with a shift from traditional ego-based strategies to authentic, conscious connections. Learn more…

Spiritual Alchemy Insights

"When you let go of what was, you discover the exquisite beauty of what is." --Hale Dwoskin, The Sedona Method

You are the answer! You many not know it yet, but you have the answer to every problem in your life. It's true! The challenge we all face is finding a way to connect with our inner wisdom to see, hear or feel what that answer is.

For centuries, labyrinths have been used as a pathway to self-discovery. Walking a labyrinth quiets the mind in a way that allows Divine be revealed to you. In our Labyrinth Wisdom articles, we share some of the insight experienced during our walks. Learn more…
Spiritual Art

"Art is a little glimpse of heaven shining on the canvas of our life" --Stephanie Graham

Art is God's gift to us provided as a reminder of the beauty, splendor and potential that exists in the realm of time and space. As we gaze upon the vibrant colors, tranquil scenery or thought-provoking images, we are inspired to move closer to our own passion and purpose. Some of us create spiritual art while others use it as a tool for spiritual growth and healing. We invite you to expand your awareness with the sacred art resources here at Love’s Alchemy Spiritual Center. Learn more…
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